Commercial Loans

To better serve your commercial real estate, small business, mix-use, or multi-family housing lending needs, we'll need information on the following. Simply copy/paste the questions below in our 'comments' section of the Contact Us page, answer them to the best of your knowledge, and we'll respond to your inquiry immediately.


 1)  What is the physical address of the property?

 2)  Building type?

     (Multi-Family Housing of 5 or more units, Mobile Home Park, Self-Storage, Small Business, Light Industrial, Mixed Use, etc)


 3)  Intended property usage?

     (Investment, Owner-User)


 4)  Year built?


 5)  Unit mix of the property?

     (Number of units in the apartment building, Mix-Use property)


 6)  Current rent role document.



 7)  Operating statements for the previous 2 years and Year-To-Date (if available).


      Monthly expenses breakdown.

     (i.e. Insurance, Taxes, Maintenance, Utilities, Management fees, etc)


 8)  Loan request amount?

 9)  Estimated property value?