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Lion Mortgage is a privately held New Jersey based mortgage correspondent lender firm founded in 2002 by Vaishali Sheth. We provide residential mortgage across New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania. Lion Mortgage, which offers a host of diverse, flexible mortgage loan programs for customers with a variety of backgrounds and needs, is committed to helping families and individuals to achieve the dream of owning a home.

An emerging leader in the mortgage industry, Lion Mortgage has become a preferred correspondent lender for many consumers. The company is designed to service various types of loans to provide high-quality services and products to their customers.

The Company’s staff offers efficiency and scalability through superior technology. Lion Mortgage truly values its relationship with each customer they work with, maintaining a company tradition of responsiveness and personalized service characteristic. This philosophy has enabled Lion Mortgage to become one of the fastest growing mortgage correspondent lenderin the state.


Lion Mortgage is based in Avenel, NJ. The company does FHA, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac loans.


The foundation for which we stand and our belief at Lion Mortgage Corporation.

Our Goal: Our focus is to reaffirm Our Company’s history of providing outstanding service to our customers. We encourage our staff to develop strong relationships with our customers. As these relationships develop, we understand our customer’s needs. As we understand these needs, we provide the services they require with the quality that meets the borrowers appropriate financial and loan requirements at competitive prices. Through good planning, our customers’ expectations should be met with timely delivery of the expected interest rate and loan and sufficient after-market service, making only those promises that we can keep. Every person in this organization needs to conduct business in a manner which is courteous and polite.

Our Mission: The mission of Lion Mortgage is an all encompassing definition of who we want to be internally and externally. We want to be a company internally that believes in an “old school” approach to business with new age forward thinking in technological areas. We have established a strong work ethic and form correspondent lenders for Lion Mortgage who want to serve and develop their constituents by equipping them with all the tools necessary to compete and achieve the highest level possible. We have a strong commitment to professionalism in how we represent our company and our clients. Professional appearance, timeliness, self-discipline and commitment to daily improvement professionally, personally and spiritually are all vital to our success. Externally, we want to offer a broad range of conservative products with consistently competitive prices and support this initiative with unparalleled service. We must also be committed to supporting the character and integrity of the mortgage banking industry that is the foundation for which we work and provide for our families.

Our Vision: The vision of Lion Mortgage is to apply all aspects of our mission statement to our goal of becoming the standard for excellence in the mortgage banking industry. We choose to challenge ourselves individually, everyday to strive to be the best mortgage correspondent lender in NJ.

Our Strategy: A vision is not enough. You need a strategy to achieve that vision and a time-tested business model that can succeed in any economic cycle. This requires extraordinary execution. In fact, it’s all about execution. A good strategy perfectly executed will beat a great strategy poorly executed every time.

Value System: The core of Lion Mortgage is to establish a culture that promotes a system of values that will sustain us in all markets good and bad, and allows us to make right choices whether difficult or simple in all aspects of our daily responsibilities. We must always err on the side of caution and promote faith, character and integrity in all aspects of our organization. Our values will forever be our intimate keys to success.

As a result, we believe in our vision just as strongly — we embrace these values just as passionately — as we did the first time we put them on paper. Our vision, our values, our commitment to outstanding sales and service for every customer, our diversified business model, our relationship strategy, our belief in people as a competitive advantage, our goal of consistent, sustainable revenue growth — none of that has changed. In fact, our unchanging vision and values and our time-tested business model are, more than ever, a competitive advantage as our industry evolves and consolidates. If our vision and values continue to anchor us, then we believe solving every problem, seizing every opportunity, and making every decision consistent with our vision and values will guide us toward more growth and success not just this year but for decades to come.

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